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Southern Refreshments

Ice Cream....A favorite year 'round refreshment.

Our delicious Pet treats includes: Popsicles, Nutty Buddy, Creamsicle, Ice Cream Sandwiches (Neopolitan, Mississippi Mud and regular), Twix bars, Snickers bars, Pushup (regular and Jolly Rancher), Fudge Bar, Cups of Orange Sherbet, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry), Strawberry Shortcake Bar, M&M Cookie Bar and more.

We are your source for WATKINS!

Featured Products:

Natural Plant-Based Home care products:
hand soap, detergents, room fresheners, etc.
Natural Body Care products:
lotions, creams, etc.
Natural Gourmet products:
spices, flavorings, etc.
Natural-Based Remedies:
first aid salves, liniment, camphor vapor rub, etc.

Our product line includes: all purpose cleaners, room fresheners,
foot care products, lotions, spices, flavorings, analgesic rubs, etc.

For just $9.99, we have "A Few of Our Favorite Things" gift kit from Walkins.

The kit includes Lavender Bath & Body Oil, Coconut Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion,
Raspberry Weatherproofing Lip Balm, Foot Repair Salve and Lemon Cream Hand Cream.

A nice little GIFT for a special someone in your life, year 'round!

Interstate Batteries - "#1 tested. trusted. in batteries" - best to call for pricing

- car/utility/marine/RV/lawn mower
- 1-5 yr. warranty (some 18-24 months free replacement/4-5
- prices start at $39.95 for 12 volt lawn & garden
- prices start at $92.95 for 12 volt car/marine/RV/utility

We stock Fairy Gardening "green places for small spaces" supplies:
- miniatures, hardscapes, fair cottages, etc. "to dress up your garden"
- check out our own Fairy Garden featured at the Flowering Bridge of Lake Lure

Creative Decoration Tools

Pine Mountain firelogs and fire starters are a must for your fireplace.

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